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Diatoms 珪藻綱

The earth environment business.

(From the absorption of Co2 which Diatoms was used for, o2 change).

 Co2 reduction is the earth environmental problem.

About 29.2% of the surface of the earth is land.

About 70.8% of the surface of the earth is the sea.

Diatoms are multiple very much with the kind and the quantity as well in the plant plankton.

Diatoms is distributed in everywhere on the earth.

Diatoms can be adapted by world wide.

Distribution the wide temperature, wide bright, wide salty.

Movement :Plant plankton is moved vertically a change in a day and night.

Plant plankton can't be moved from itself.

Vertical distribution :. It is a little scarce around the surface of the water.

It becomes the biggest in several m from several m.

It decreases rapidly from around 100m.

Use range :If only there is some water, it can be used in the desert and the land of the salt harm.

                Optical saturation : Green waterweed 5000 - 7500Lux.

It becomes maximum value with Diatoms 10000 – 20000 Lux.

An optical wavelength :In Diatoms Navicalaminima, in the 540mμ〜680mμ wavelength, the amount of 0.15 quantum absorption.

A maximum multiplication rate : D=3.75-0.7 (logV).

The highest division number of times, for around one day with D.

V are cellular capacity (μ3 cube)

The assimilation power :The mean of carbon which chlorophyll of g assimilates to 1m for around 1 hour is 3.7m g.

Photosynthesis ability : The sea Diatoms average photosynthesis ability, 1-9m g  o2/mg chlorophyll / h time.


Contents of business.

Co2 absorption consultant.

The sale of the Diatoms Bio chip kind corresponding to the place and the environment conditions.

 Diatoms seed chip sample .   Thankyou.

地球環境ビジネス   (珪藻類を利用した Co2 の吸収からo2変換)

 Co2 削減が地球環境問題になっているが、陸上の対策ばかりが叫ばれている。







光飽和:緑藻5000〜7500 Lux 、珪藻 1万〜2万Lux にて最大値となる

光波長:珪藻Navicalaminima において540mμ〜680mμ波長で、0.15量子吸収量

最大増殖率: D= 3.75 - 0.7(log V )

    D は1日当たり最高分裂回数、V は細胞の容積(μ3乗)


光合成能力:海産珪藻平均光合成能力、1〜9mgO2 / mgクロロフィル / 時間





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